"The day you think you know it all, you will stop developing"

About Me


I was virtually born in Second Life, March 2007. In the early beginning I was happy to become a part of the Swedish virtual community, Second Sweden. Here I met some people that meant a lot to me and my future life in this amazing virtual world. I took part in a beginner – group where I had a mentor that, among other things, told me about her work within the modeling community of Second Life at that time.

I started out myself as a store model and I did some ads for different designers in the fast growing fashion community back then. But it wasn´t until 2009 that my modeling became more serious and I started educating myself  in various academies, such as LOOK Elite, EVANE/ Mimmi Boa Modeling Agency, SuperElite  and the last academy I graduated from was the Miss Virtual World Academy in early 2010. Actually I was in the first group of 7 students that were the first to graduate from this academy ever!

While studying at the academies I slowly started to apply, or get invited, to various modern model agencies around Second Life. Today I´m happy to belong to some of the best agencies there are and one important thing for me when I look for an agency to work in, is the atmosphere within the model group. I try to stay away from the two D: s, Drama and Divas…so there you go, my SL life has, since I joined, been more and more full of runway walking, contests and various print work, living the life of a professional fashion model! 

I was happy to be the first professional virtual model who appeared on the fullpage cover of the Real Life magazine STUFF, and it´s turkish edition in March 2011! As I´ve been told the first time ever this has been made in a deal of this magnitude in a cross-over project between the RL and virtual worlds. A project worked out by Mr Kaan Kuhn of STUFF Magazine and Miss Fia Bonetto of LOOK Elite Models. Miss Cherie Parker was the producer of the photo that later appeared on the cover!