"The day you think you know it all, you will stop developing"

Bébé goes vintage!!

Hello again!:) It´s been a while but I´m still out there, alive and kicking, following the progress of SL fashion! I have developed  a special interest in SL lingerie and legwear with time and accordingly came in contact with som very talented designers, among them, Bébé, who is also a dear friend of mine!

She made some really good stuff the last couple of years and you can see her stuff worn everywhere in SL these days (I´m not telling you to run around and peak under skirts now boys and girls!:)) Let´s see what she been keeping herself busy with lately!

Bébé been talking about producing a line of vintage some time now and since a couple of weeks it´s finally available for purchase! It´s sets of stockings where you can choose between using full and low garters labeled with the fashionable title “Euro Glamour”. The stockings are available with Belleza, SLINK, Maitreya and Omega appliers. As usual with Bébé you also get the intelligent HUD-options where you can adjust glossiness and shinyness. The colour options are noir, noir/red, nude/black and sombre. 

Let´s have a look at these shall we! To begin with we can see the sombre one/ full garter version and today I am adding some hair from Elua, the “Kira”, underwear from Mon Cherie, the “Seduce Me”-set and I wear  the shoes named “Cloe” from KC! 



…continuing with red/ noir ones, here using the low garter version…



…going on to the nude/black/contrast ones…



and finishing with the noir version…



Happy shopping and see you again in a while!:)


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