"The day you think you know it all, you will stop developing"

BEBE strikes again!!!

Hi again!:) Time for a new post and this time I will refresh your memory about a very talented designer working with stockings and pantyhose! I did a post about her production line last year and who I am talking about, well, it´s Bebe of course! She keeps a line that originally was aimed towards Slink feet but today we can see that she also works with the Omega Applier and Maitreya Applier concept! I say it again, I don´t think I ever saw such detailed works in hosiery before and Bebe recently released three sets consisting of one line of stockings, one with pantyhose and also a “Risque”-version of stockings. As it´s described on Marketplace:

“Bebe Risque stay-up stockings 3-pack includes Black, Tan and Nude colors. The Stockings have a shimmer effect when zooming in and out, and they are materials enabled with two different types of glossiness! The stockings reach high up on the thighs, and have slim glossy tops, so that they go easily under short skirts and dresses”.

We will have a look at the stuff now, I’m wearing the Belleza mesh body, “Freya”, here and the shoes are from KC and it´s the “Anteas”. With the KC-shoes you use a HUD for customizing your shoes and the options are almost endless. The dress is the “Rylai” from Blueberry, the hair is from Boon, the jewellery from Earthstones and the poses from Diesel! The photo’s taken at the town “Venice”, a replica of the Italian town and yeah, you can go by the gondola there to:) Now let´s check the Bebe candy:)!

On the picture below you can see the “TGE” (The Girlfriend Experience) – version in nude! The stocking top is a wide, very detailed and elegant one and giving you a nice and “top-notch dressed-up”-feeling!

Bebe table

In this picture I wear the TGE-pantyhose in black!

Bebe bridge

And in this, the “TGE”-ones in a stockings-version in black!

Bebe boats

It´s difficult giving a good and fair reflection of the materials in the design of Bebe in pictures like this, as I often said, I´m no photographer:) You could check into her site on Marketplace, which so far is the only place to buy Bebe´s stuff, and get a closer look at the variety of hosiery and also read more about the technical solutions of how Bebe worked for bringing the unique shine and glossiness to her stuff! I tried giving you two close-ups here though where you can have a gentle taste of the design and my legs…lol…..

Bebe Close up 2

Bebe close up

And that was all for today folks! I wish you a great SL until we meet again! Ciaooo!!


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