"The day you think you know it all, you will stop developing"


For me, who discovered the mesh bodies in a very early stage in SL, there has been a journey for a couple of years now, going through most of them. There has been a constant development with the bodies and of course also with the fashion and design that has been following. Today I was visiting one of the comets in the business of clothing for mesh bodies, Addams, and I was fortunate to meet AmaliaRainwood herself who together with Malevola Addams are the names behind this successful venture. This is how they describe their idea of business:

Addams is a brand created from the union of 2 3D designers, dedicated to multitask and studying the latest technologies in Second Life . Together they decided to pool their knowledge and created clothing and footwear line with the latest in the market.

If you are into the mesh body world I doubt that you didn´t yet come across the amazing design of Addams. One example that landed in the main store today is the Ronson shirt, as always with a wide line of various designs and a fat pack with a HUD that gives u lots of options for customizing the look of the clothing to your likings. What more can I say more than wonder why you are still here reading…get in world and get going to Addams!:)



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