"The day you think you know it all, you will stop developing"


Hi again!:) Time for a new blog post guys, here we go! Juicy pics in June:) A while ago I met a friend of mine at a party in SL and noticed she, as usual, was wearing an elegant classy dress but I also reacted on a pair of stockings she had on. I had to ask where they came from and I checked the designer up in Marketplace. I bought a pair myself and CABOOM…I was hooked:) There are a few really good lingerie and hosiery designers in SL and I have a pretty good experience by now but this, this stood out. I can´t really put my finger on it but it´s something with the “shine” in the fabric that is unique. Now who is this wonder designer? I contacted her a few days after and the brand I´m talking about is BEBE, so far available only at Marketplace but who knows what the future will bring:)

So guys, today it will be a study in stockings and pantyhose, coloured by some nice fashion from Maitreya! Here we go! First out is a set of pantyhose in black, they are available in different tones, “den´s”, and they make a magnificent addition to your look for the day. Here I wear Maitreya´s “Vixen Dress” in cerise and the shoes are from KC, the “Huelva´s”. The hair is the “Fynn” from Truth. It has a nice option with a hair band, possible to change into a wide variety of colours and textures. The poses today come from Diesel. As usual there has been no post editing on the pics taken at Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe. This is how the stuff looks guys!:)…oh, and me:)))


cerise close up

On to the next. This time another Maitreya dress, the “Dakota” in “opium delicate” and wearing another pair of KC shoes, the “Destiny” ones. The hair is still the Truth, “Fynn”, showing another variation of the hair band colour/ texture. The stockings, this time stay up/ thigh high ones,  are the “Supraliminal” in black. This is actually my favourite ones and the pair I saw my friends wear and that put me on the track, finally finding the “BEBE” production line!
dakota full

dakota close

To finish up this post I will probably show as much as I ever have in this line of work but sometimes you got to sacrifice yourself for the good cause right?:) The BEBE lingerie set here is the “Signature” one in black and the fabrics and details are superb.The shoes, again from KC, are the “Alana” ones. I forgot to mention but for us mesh body users (Maitreya for me) BEBE now adding more and more OMEGA appliers to the production line…phew:) KC shoes are also a great line of shoes for us with reasonable prices and a HUD system for styling up the shoes in colours etc. signature full
signature close
I did hesitate putting this last picture in but I take the risk…:) See you soon in SL or here! Be safe and remember…CURVY IS OKAY!!! Hugzzz from Me!!!
signature close u


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