"The day you think you know it all, you will stop developing"

Wicca´s Wardrobe – A nice meeting in the present and an echo from the past!

Hi again!:)

A few days ago I talked to Wicca Merlin. Wicca and me shared some mutual experiences during the years in both model academies and agencies where we took classes and worked. During our conversation Wicca described ourselves as “old-school”-models these days:)

Some might think that is a negative expression but when we talked it was not in that context at all. We both were around in the years when the SL modelling really took dramatic steps forward and the impact was dramatic in many ways. Some people couldn´t handle it that well but Wicca was not anyway near ending up a diva, far from it. She always managed to keep a balance between great progress and keeping her wonderful self.

That, ladies and gentlemen, brings respect! It is with great pleasure I present Wicca for the first time on my blog and I will look into her work as a designer  this time.

Wicca created her own design line pretty long ago now, her business is named “Wicca’s Wardrobe” and there are many models that tried their own way in designing with various results. Now and then you think to yourself why they started designing and not focused on what they originally were good at, the modelling. Looking at what Wicca accomplished so far that is however not the case here. Let us look into one outfit today that I think is a very good example of Wicca´s work in general. The outfit here is two separate parts of clothing, it´s the “Charlotte” – jacket, here in sandstone colours and the “Nora” – pants, also in sandstone. 

The material is 100 % mesh and Wicca managed to deal with this rather complicated design with many difficult details in a very nice way I have to say. The fabric is also a very nice, balanced presentation and it comes out beautifully indeed in this sandstone colour. The jacket and pants work perfectly together and brings me a feeling of a mixture of the Middle-East, the Old Wild West and even (maybe it´s my weird mind:)), also a soft sense of the old Victorian England or perhaps French Can-Can when I see some parts of the jacket.

When I chose styling for this I decided to add some jewelry from Earthstones, the “Aculo” – set with earrings and necklace and a nice and a bit wild updo from BooN. The poses come from Diesel. As always these days I appear in my beloved “Lara” mesh body from Maitreya.

I look forward to see more of Wicca and her design and my advice to you is of course to go check her production line out yourself and see what suits your own taste. I don´t think you will get disappointed!

maddie 24 maj modell_001

maddie 24 maj modell_002

maddie 24 maj modell_004

maddie 24 maj modell_003


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