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coldLogic in Christmas Colours!

The Christmas is closing in rapidly and I´m still alive in spite of some people telling us that today is the last day on earth…:) It takes more to stop me from blogging I tell you:) Today I will let those of you who still didn´t hear of the amazing design brand coldLogic get to know it a little better. I stumbled over this brand a few months ago and it has specialised in mesh-clothing entirely. Maybe that is why the mesh design quality and the fitting of the coldLogic products is top of the line?

Cause if you ask me there are few brands in SL that can keep up with coldLogic when we speak these values. I take you for a (sleigh-) ride around some of items in the coldLogic design line and I have chosen, as I´m getting into a Christmas mood these days, a selection in the colours of Christmas. The pictures today are taken in the “Christmas Sim” owned by Tupac Redstar. A sim dedicated to Christmas all-together and you can find everything from mesh-Santas to sexy Elf-costumes there.

The jewelry theme today is from !Stars jewelry production by Stargem Winkler and all the poses from “Diesel”!  A special word about the shoes: My dear friend and colleague Bety Dudek is the general manager of the recent and raising star on the SL – shoe – sky; [Cliche] by Atila Blackmountain. When I got the “Siesta” ones a while back I immediately fell in love with them and I´m using them all the time now. The detail is amazing and they are reasonably priced. A must – have for every girl with a desire to look good in SL!

You can have a look at them in the blog post of today and I strongly recommend a visit to the [Cliche] – store at Marketplace and have a look for yourself! Now let us have a look at what coldLogic has to offer! 

The first outfit is a combination of two items, the top is named “Segel” and is a really nice, cosy creation that blends in just fine with the capri´s I chose to wear it with, the “Duke” – capris. Something that can be worn in both casual and more elegant Christmas – party’s to come! The hair worn here is the “Claude” from Sadistic Hacker.

Duke  Segel (2) jpg

Duke  Segel (1) jpg

Duke  Segel (3) jpg

The next outfit is an elegant and stylish dress that would be the perfect choice if you want to impress that special someone now during Christmas. It is named “London” and here presented in the scarlet version. The soft flow of the fabric is astonishing and again, it fits like a glove when you get it on. coldLogic offers a wide variety of sizes which contributes to the cause of letting the customer have the choice in how to look out there. The hair is from BooN and the stockings worn from the hands of my old friends Nando Korobase and Gina Beaumont at Angel Dessous.

London Scarlet (1) jpg

London Scarlet (2) jpg

London Scarlet (3) jpg

As a finale we will look at another beautiful dress named “Wood”. This lovely dress got a separate mesh belt which adds up to a perfect combination signalling style, elegance but the nice and body close fitting also makes it sexy in a tasteful way. Again I chose to wear hair from BooN!

Wood Cherry (2) jpg

Wood Cherry (3) jpg

Wood Cherry (1) jpg

And with this I end the blog post which will be my last for the year 2012. I thank you all for showing me appreciation and support and I look forward to the new year and what it can bring when it comes to new innovations in Second Life fashion and in Second Life overall. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!