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Ingenue! – Fashion With A Past!

Hello again all of you fashion lovers out there! It´s time for another look into what SL has to offer when it comes to design and I wish to thank those of you who keep sending me suggestions about designers that could be interesting to give a closer look, I appreciate it very much and it makes it so much more fun to blog. Sadly my time is limited because of a RL promotion I had a while ago. I had more money because of it but also a lot more work:) I will do what I can to keep up with the hints and requests I get.

Today we are going to have a look at the design line of Ingenue and the designer Betty Doyle. This brand been active since 2007 and it uses the business motto “Fashion With A Past”. The design got a personal style and even it keeps up with time it has a nice touch and lots of influences from the 30´s, 40´s, 50´s and 60´s. The designer works with hand drawn textures and original mesh and also produces shoes and jewelry. Let us look into three different outfits from Ingenue:

The first one is put together with a top and pants. The top is the “Zoe” in cherry and I added the Ingenue necklace, “Jubilee” as a nice addition. The pants are the “Seberg” ones and I chose to wear a version in camel. All together this sums up into a sexy but stylish composition that could be worn in a lot of different occasions. The hair worn here is from a favourite hair design brand of mine, Sadistic Hacker. All poses in today’s blog post are from EverGlow.

We move on to the next outfit. This is a dress named “Falling Autumn” and this is something I really love wearing. A noble and elegant creation but as it´s so body close it becomes really steamy to:) The shoes makes a nice example of the shoe design of Ingenue, they are named “Gatsby”. Again hair from Sadistic Hacker and the jewelry worn here comes from the jewelry design line Stars! by Stargem Winkler!

We finish up this visit to Ingenue with a beautiful and really sweet dress in mesh. It speaks for itself I think and it´s called “Greta”. This version is the “Pink Dot”. This time we can see hair from “Amacci” and again jewelry from Stars!. All the pictures today have been taken in the Morocco sim, well worth a visit with lots of different things to see.

Thank You for your visit to my blog and very welcome back!