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JeRsEy ShOrE – Glitter Goes Designing!

Many years ago I met a really sweet girl in connection with the JCNY Model Fest Contest finals. It was Glitter Bolissima who many of you know as a model that been around a long time in Second Life and gathered  a lot of experience through the years. A while ago she sent me an IM and told me she had started out on the line of designing and asked me if I wanted to check out a few of her creations. I was not surprised that Glitter had been taking on this challenge and new step in her career and I was really curious of what I would be experiencing testing out her products.

The design line of JeRsEy ShOrE is what can be described as a club design line. It is daring, provocative and spicy. If you are the more sensitive and shy type there are of course outfits you can find in Glitters production line but it is, as I think, a line of design aiming for the more outgoing, for the women who are not afraid of showing off a bit more of their assets than usual:)

The price setting is very reasonable and I definitely think that Glitter, despite that she recently started out more seriously with her designing, by her experience and networking with people in SL for this many years, know what many out there in the party and club environment request. Let´s have a look at three of her outfits… today all jewelry comes from the hands of StarGem Winkler, the owner and creator of the jewelry brand Stars!. The poses come from GM Nikolaidis who is the man behind the animation and pose line “Fluke”!

We start off with a top named “Knotty Lips Tee” in pink and the “MVP Shiny Capri” in black! The items become a sexy and juicy combination where especially the design of the pants with the shiny fabric becomes an eye-catcher. Hairbase from Mad, the “Tribe” and hair from Ari, the “Anari”. The sneakers comes from Detour. All the pictures made by me and they were taken around in the urban themed area named “Neko Zone”.

We move on to another steamy thing. This one is named DTF and as you can see this is something smoking HOT! It has all it takes for creating various traffic incidents if it´s worn outside in the street and will guarantee you those IMs telling you how hot you look when you wander around in SL:) Maybe not always from the people you appreciate it from however, we know that routine lol…this time the hair is from Mad, the “Luz” and the hairbase from Ari, the “Cryptic”. 

Finally, we look at a cute top named “Buttons Sweater” in purple. I added the “Corona Supa Faded” jeans for the sweater and I think this is a nice combo all together. Warm, huggable approach, still it´s quite sexy and again a nice example of the design that Glitter created. Hair from Truth, the “Janice”.

That was all folks and it is time to close the post and I hope that you had a nice time visiting me!!! Welcome back soon!!!