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PRISM – The Journey….continues!

Hello again! The year of 2012 goes on and the development of fashion in Second Life is fast at the moment. The Mesh – revolution continues and more and more of the designers are releasing these kind of designs. As you probably understood by now, my focus in blogging during the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, has been the PRISM trademark and it´s production line. After being contacted by Herradura Baar, the General Manager of PRISM, in the late 2011, I have been working with these talented and friendly people and grew very fond of their attitude towards fashion and their customers. It´s fun to help them in marketing and I´m proud to have been asked to do so. The owner and designer Journey McLaglen now started out on the road of Mesh and today I want to start with introducing you to two examples of Journeys Mesh designs:

First we have a design named Adele. Here I´m presenting you two versions, the first one named “London” in leather. If you are as conservative as I am when it comes to new inventions in SL (!:)), I think you might not own one single Mesh outfit yet. Well, how about this..get your nice butt down to PRISM and give this “London” outfit a chance will you?:) In no-time you will have it on and you have a couple of options to find your own size that you can feel comfortable with and “recognize” yourself as you created your own avatar. This is not always the case with Mesh as we know…of course the system of shaping in Mesh can´t provide the full liberty of shape adjustments yet but I´m convinced that we will get there in the near future. For time being PRISM reached as far as you can go and the quality and look of the Mesh design here is really high standard. The overall impression is top and you just need to see this for yourself!

In this blog post I also give you examples of a jewelry line created by a designer who is present at the PRISM main store, the designer Stargem Winkler. In this “London version”, you can see a pearl necklace with matching earrings from her most recent collection. The shoes are from SKIFIJA, the “Countess” pumps. These pumps are seen here and there in Second Life and I stumbled over them at a fashion show where a girl in the audience wore them. I liked them a lot and at the visit to the store there I came across the designer and store owner, goran Osterham. He is a very ambitious shoe designer and we will see where this man will go. A visit to his store is interesting and these pumps offers you a broad variety of color choices, shoes possible to wear with anything! The hair is from Dura, the “number 22”! For me, a lover of short hair, this place is a Mecca! The photos were taken in “London” in SL, couldn’t find a better spot for this outfit:) All poses today come from “Luth”!


We move on to the next Adele version, this one is named “River Oaks Brocade” and wearing this I had a feeling of being in the year 2012 but with a strong influence of the “roaring twenties”…might be my weird brain again..:) Anyway, putting this on made me feel good directly and I went off to virtual “New York” and strolled around and found a place where that feeling came back again. A bit retro twenties feeling, standing next to an old cab from that time seemed natural:) The jewelry from Stars! this time is a selection named “Gold Lace”.

Let´s leave the Mesh section for this time and check out some traditionally created designs from PRISM. These are again new releases and we will look into something named “Aurora”. I will show you two examples of versions, first the one named “Tulip”.  As always Journey works with colors that lifts the impression of the design even more and it´s hard to explain exactly what makes you like her design as much as you do. It´s there, it´s something we feel but at least for me, it´s difficult to put words to the experience. More than maybe, “it´s that Journey-feeling”:)…..the jewelry is the Stars! “Sandy”! The hair is from Dura, the “Girl 03”!

The final outfit today is a second example of the “Aurora”. This version is named “Watercolor” and it´s a color explosion (!), signaling the incoming spring with warm weather, visits to the sea, boating etc. With this design Journey takes us on a trip through the 60ts, 70ts and back again, blending the past times with the current and the future. Another example of the timeless fashion that you can see a lot of in the PRISM design line. I added the Stars! pearl set for this and the hair is a Dura one again, “Girl 22”.

With these pictures, taken by myself so I can´t blame anyone else:)…I close my post for today. I said it before and I say it again. If you still didn ´t visit PRISM. Do it. It´s there waiting for you. Go there and see for yourself, make up your own mind, I don´t think you will get disappointed! Hugs from Maddie!