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Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of “The Madeleine Dollinger Blog”!:)

Tonight I will actually be blogging about myself….now you think that i finally had it and got loony but the explanation will follow:) The year of 2012 could not have started in a better way for me in Second Life. One evening after Christmas I was suddenly tped over to the owner and designer of Prism, Journey McLaglen and her general manager Herradura Baar. They both pointed at a rack where i saw an outfit being worked on and then these people told me that what I was looking at was the beginning of a new outfit that they wanted to name “Maddie”!!!

These things have happened to me a few times before when other designers chose to name outfits after me and I always end up in the same state. I just stand there and don´t know how to express myself because you feel so proud by this amazing statement made by the particular designer aimed towards you as a model. It is a particular joy to be honored by people like Journey and Herra! 

Well, let us look at this creation! In this version we can see the Swedish colors reflecting in the overall design. Yes! This was one idea that Journey had about the outfit to put a special Swedish/ Scandinavian touch to it as she knows it´s where I live in RL! Hats off to Journey and Herra all you Swedes out there in SL land!! More will follow when Journey, as I write this blog post, work on a wide color program for this outfit where also another color tone of  blue/ yellow version will be released!

The outfit itself is a wonderful, warm and cosy creation put together with a sweater, dress part/skirt, a nice leather belt and a great scarf. Journey completes the outfit with a pair of long warm and nice stockings and this time Journey also added some cute winter boots!! Don´t you just feel to hug someone wearing this?? In this picture, taken by myself without any after – editing, I chose to wear Truth hair, this one named “Addison”!  

After the pictures showing the “Maddie” – outfit you will see a ad picture from Prism showing the recently released Prism “Gisele”, another hot design from the hands of Journey. The picture is taken by JEZZIXA Cazalet, the house photographer of Prism! If the model on the picture is familiar it´s because it´s yours truly:) The earrings worn by me there are Glow earrings, the dotted feather ones in prism (!) colors and the shoes are the sexy N-Core “Cherie” ones in candy.

Make a visit to Prism during the holiday leave and color yourself up in body, heart and soul!