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To All Of You – Happy PRISMas!!!

We are rapidly moving into the most wonderful time of the year (?)…well, I love Christmas and I love buying Christmas presents to:) For those of you who wander around the stores in SL these days with the panic grabbing you cause you don´t know what to buy for that special friend or girlfriend…stop panicking, the help is near! I´m going to do something I didn´t do yet in my blogging in SL and that is making an encore of a designer, following up on an immediately previous post!

Yes, we will make yet another review of the design of PRISM by the much talented but still very humble and nice Journey McLaglen!  Always there to support her is her hard working general manager Herradura Baar! I was there and grabbed a bunch of outfits and went off to Xzari Winterland, owned by Xarina Demina, a place with a lot of nice winter themed areas and nice surprises here and there.

I got in a Christmas mood, even if there are 10 days left and started changing in the middle of the snow, brrrrr yeah it was cold but hey, what would I not do for you guys, my precious readers:)

We will start off with the “GABRIELLE” outfit first! This is available in a lot of versions but I chose one that is a mixture of sexy and girl next door, a warm sweater in black in combination with some tight leopard pants with nice details in leather. I wear some nice heels from N-Core here. The “Extreme Heel II Galaxy” slingbacks in black. The hair is the “UW St Scott”, I can also mention the jewelry from Earthstones, the “Falling Leaves” earrings! The beautiful nails come from  CandyNail!

This all works well together I think and makes a nice frame of the picture Journey draw with this outfit! Btw, all the poses used here are from “EverGlow”!

And as always I remind you of that I´m no photographer but I do my best:) No editing has been made to the pictures – the way the outfits look here are the way they look in world!

Moving on to the next! This one is named “Mercedes”, here in the “Forest” version and this is a spicy dish where the sexy green corset grabs the attention immediately! When you go on looking over the rest of this smoochy creation you will find a pair of tight, hot pants in a mix of black – green and purple and it´s all, as usual with Journey, well balanced together in well made and carefully worked details in the fabric. The jacket is also a really nice design where each attachment fits in smoothly and don´t need a whole day and a sack of valiums to get together:)……oh, yeah, the shoes, they are from PM, the “Baby T Plains” in black! The hair is the “Tess” from Truth!

The next number in this show is the “MUSIQUE”, an explosion in colors and this was my toughest experience during this shoot:) It was cold for sure but I sacrifice myself for the sake of blogging so here we go:)) I walked out on the ice like walking out from a plane that landed after two weeks in Hawaii! Dressed for Hawaii and not for the winter I landed in:) But this dress almost made the ice melt, geez:) I´m usually a bit conservative about my choices when it comes to mixing of lots of colors but I felt comfortable wearing this! This dress made me feel happy and glad! The jewelry is the Darcy “Butterfly in purple”. For the rest I let the pictures speak for themselves! The winter boots come from N-Core, the “Noir Intense”! The glasses come from Kalnins, the “Laura” ones.

Finishing this post I will wish you Happy Holidays and THANK YOU for following and visiting my blog during 2011! For me it has been an amazing year in SL and RL and I hope for the same when we reach 2012! I hope you will have a nice rest during the holidays and get strength for the new year that arrives soon! I wish you all the best in the year to come and lots of luck with your future plans whatever they will be!:)  The last picture will be the PRISM outfit “SHILOH” in cranberry! And hey, I am the one on the right side!:) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!