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PRISM – A fashion meteor hits Second Life!!!

Today I am going to bring you a few examples of the design of Journey McLaglen! This very talented designer has hit the fashion world of Second Life as a meteor (!),  together with her well known and hard working general manager, Herradura Baar! I know I´m not alone in noticing this star among designers in our virtual world.

I will show you three examples of the design of Journey and as always it will be an excursion among outfits that I thought were in my taste and that I immediately fell for! Of some reason I chose three outfits themed in different shades of blue this time! We will start off with a creation named “Keira Illusion”, something to wear in the the time between summer and autumn perhaps! The outfit has really nice options to be worn in different styles and in my picture you can see the “fully” worn style with knit socks, arm warmers and a nice, big warm turtleneck.

You can also see the great, well detailed and shaped gloves that adds to the impression of an outfit with a nice, cosy, “feel-good” feeling. The boots I´m wearing in these picture of “Keira Illusion”, are the new N-Core Ankle Leather Boots. The hair is one of my favourites, the HNB582 from BooN. The poses in all my pictures in this post are from “EverGlow”. As always with me – remember I´m a model, not a photographer!:) Click the pictures for bigger resolution!

Let´s move on to the next outfit! This one is named “Sere” and is a hot sweater dress that also consists of a broad variety of combinations. A sign and trademark of the production of PRISM overall, when you buy an outfit you get a lot of options to create the look of your own taste.

I chose to wear this dress with tights and I think it came out rather nicely:) At least some guys fixing with a boat nearby where I did the photos thought so:))  The way the designs are created and worked with is an example of really good designer work and my hat off for how the different attachments smoothly blend into the overall ensemble!

Just look at that really nice belt! Well done Journey! When I visited the PRISM store my eyes fell on a jewelry stand and I just had to get a few of those to:) The jewelry I wear together with the “Sere” dress is the jewelry set “Silver Swirls” by the talented jewelry designer Stargem Winkler with her brand “Stars”.

The boots are the lovely Bax Ankle boots in metallic gold. The hair is another BooN (yes, yes but I just LOVEEE BooN:))), this time the AEN105!

We will finish the tour today with looking at another sweater dress as it´s that time a year now! This one is named “Lynne” and in the same way as the other outfits I got my hand on it´s a good and ambitious effort behind this production as well.

For me the cowl collar was just a big WOW seeing it and I love how that it makes an overall, high-quality “statement” for this wonderful dress. My photo techniques are as they are so I couldn´t manage making the color patterns in the dress justice. You just got to go get this one for yourself and you will see that “live”:) However it´s an amazing blend of red-blue-brown and this kind of productions can easily get just a big, blurry, bad mess. No risk with this Journey – character I tell you:)

Added to this outfit we see the sexy “N-Core, Slingback, Extreme Heels II”. The earrings are another example of the production line of Stargem Winkler with her brand “Stars”, this time the “Rhianna” in blue. And for the third time (!!! – no I´m NOT sponsored lol)  you will see another BooN hair, the BAD980!

Look at this and then go search for “PRISM”, go there and get addicted:) Over and out from Mads! (blinks to Bety:))