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Volupteous in Voluptia!

After a nice holiday and a rather lacy summer in Second Life it´s time to get going with the blogging again! I´m happy that some of you even noticed it had been a while since the last blog post and wondering when a new one would occur on my blog:) Well, here it is!! I have a tendency to sometimes travel beside the common “route” and I will do that again this time. And isn´t that what blogging and working in this line of business also is about?  Exploring the world of fashion, sometimes finding new things and working to support these designers in their hard work in a tough competition with many others.

We will look into the design of a woman by the impressive name LadyVanir Dragovar. The owner and creator of the fashion brand “Voluptia”. LadyVanir has chosen to specialize in lingerie and resides in a stylish store with an open and inviting atmosphere. The pricing of the products are friendly and you get a lot of options when you purchase an outfit from this fashion brand. Let´s start with looking at a romantic and beautiful creation named “Evoke”:

The “Evoke” is an outfit that brings your thoughts to vintage when looking at the pantie shorts, beautifully laced and romantically created. The bra can be worn as a full bra or a balconette version for the more courageous. To complete the impression you can choose adding a frill part to the bra. This outfit is available in black or white.

I like this, it´s a good example of the choice in the creation of LadyVanir Dragovar, you can be both angel or devil, it´s up to you, the choice is in the folder:) In this picture (as usual made by myself so bare with me:)) i wear hair from BooN, the “VVD805” and shoes from Stiletto Moody, the “Bare Lauren” in white. As usual you can click the pictures for a bigger resolution of them!

We continue with another interesting design, the “Babette”, here in the black version. I’m fond of lace and I can find lots of that in the line of “Voluptia” – design. Also in this outfit there is a wide option of choices for creating the impression you want to make. You can go for a balconette version of the bra, a corset or bra version of the top, adding the lace and ballerina styled skirt as I did here in this picture, the fantasy is your only barrier.

The stockings are included and is nicely styled and patterned. There is a cute chest bow, possible to add to the cami, beautiful small attachments are often the case in the creations of LadyVanir. I decided to wear Bax Ankle Boots in rose metallic here and the collar jewelry is from “Shai”, the “Mein Herr” – choker.

Finishing this little appetizer visit to Voluptia, we will look into a lace outfit once more. I chose to wear the bustier in this package in combination with the lace – flowered pantyhose/ leggings. Isn´t this cute??:)) If you wonder about the shoes here it´s shoes from PM, the “Baby” heels in the plain version. The hair is from W&Y, the “new 26”.

We finished the blog – visit to Voluptia so now you can go there yourself and have a look! Happy Shopping and hugs from MOI!:)