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Fell for Fellini!

The name “Fellini” has something out of the ordinary in it. Many of us know the name originally from the italian, most successful film director, Federico Fellini. He revolutionized the film industry with his neo-realistic productions and collected a reputation out of the ordinary. In the fashion world of Second Life the designer Joy Fellini also been very successful, creating a trademark of quality and a never-ending development of her design. Characteristic signs of a Fellini – creation is elegance and superb quality.

Fashion that cause attention and a visit to the “Fellini Couture” – location can take time and cost you money. You want it all when you are there:) But I think that you will feel happy about your purchase. I know I always did!

We will start out this visit to Fellini with two gowns. They represent the “neo-realism” of Joy Fellini in my perspective. Let´s begin with having  a look at the “Elegance” – gown. The fabric of this gown is simply amazing. It´s a basic color in silver with black ornaments and attachments. The gown has beautiful and sensual additions in black lace gloves and other exclusive lace details. For finishing up the unique look of this gown the designer added a hat with silver and black and also an amazing fan attachment in the back.

In this picture I chose to wear hair from W&Y, a hair attachment and hair base. The necklace is from Carolines, the Artemis choker. Please click the pictures for a bigger resolution!

We will go on with another gown, this time we look at the “Precious Stone” gown. Looking at design is a subjective experience in the eyes of the viewer. For me this is a gown that mixes an almost Victorian look with an Asian one. The creation is very romantic and sensual. The skirt part has a tendency for transparency which gives it the balanced but still daring sensual touch.

The hat is a master-piece in itself and has a pattern that reflects in other parts of the gown, for example in the magnificent corset part. The shoes can be mentioned, it´s the “Bare Robin” from Stiletto Moody.

We will finish this visit to Fellini with a look at their lingerie line. In the same way as with the other design in their production Fellini is not making any hasty releases. The lingerie is very exclusive and often provided with detailed and elegant jewelry details or other attachments that gives this lingerie a special touch.

In this example of lingerie, the “Play Of Lace”, we can also see a mask that adds to the sensual appearance. The Fellini lingerie is always elegant and stylish, never over the line and becoming too provocative. It is the demand of good lingerie designers, creating design that teases but still keep the style at all times. The hair used in this picture is from BooN. the “YNO 421” used with a BooN blonde hair base. Heels from Similar.  

I hope you enjoyed this little look on the wonderful design of Fellini, now you can go have a look for yourself! Happy Shopping! Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome back!


How about a Sweet Temptation?

An old and dear friend and me were traveling around SL the other day. Suddenly we stumbled over a store that my friend got wild about:) This girl is a heavy “clubber”, not the worlds most active shopper because she is really economical which is a good thing of course. Remind me, I need to keep that in mind, I´m a big spender in SL and it comes with the modeling I guess…:) 

Anyway, she tested an outfit she liked that had a fair price for her budget and she noticed, when she tried it on, that she had gotten both an outfit with several alternative versions she could choose from and also shoes and jewelry for this, as she thought, very reasonable price. And the outfit was, as she said, “super” for her way of living her SL -life; going from one club to another, dancing and having fun most of the time she is online.

She told me that I could do something about this on my blog. Something about this design and brand where the “average” clubber or the one that is going into this world can find good stuff without spending a fortune. So this one is for you “clubber” – girls!:) Today we will have a look at the designer Sarai Kruh and her brand “Sweet Temptations”.

First we will check out the “Emily” – outfit where Sarai brings us a nice creation with a nice white shirt in good fabric with good attachments; collars and sleeves, making a really good “total”. Same for the jeans with cuff attachments, also functioning well with the the rest of the item. In this outfit Sarai also offers us a well styled bracelet, a belly/back tattoo and some really nice ankle boots. As been said, quite a lot of stuff for the money:) The hair i wear in this picture is “Aradhana” from Truth.

Next outfit is the “Hanna” – outfit. This is also an outfit that got “extras”. We can start with those and there is a great necklace as you can see and some black boots that spices up this rather provocative piece of design. Generally speaking there are a lot of these outfits in the line of “Sweet Temptations”. Maybe no store to go shop if you are dating a guy with a heart-condition or want to cause traffic incidents around SL:)…………oh , the hair, it´s another one from Truth, the “Kalia”.

Well, there are outfits for other purposes than shocking your boyfriend in Sarai´s line of design to of course. Let´s conclude this little visit to “Sweet Temptations” with a look at a cute outfit named “Rachel”. This outfit also is well designed with matching and easy adjusted pocket attachments. This outfit to me is a lot “school girl” – look so it felt natural to wear the hair “Danni” from Truth for this one:)

The shoes don´t come with this outfit, they are from “AKATSUKI” and named “Pink Death”. In spite of the name of those shoes I still think I look totally innocent in this picture:)  That was all for now, welcome back and if you want to, you are most welcome to send me some ideas of designers to present here! Ciaooo and hugs!!