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Angel Dessous & Couture – A Fashion Star Shining Bright!

This time I wanted to put some focus on one of the oldest fashion brands in Second Life, still existing and shining as bright as ever before, Angel Dessous & Couture! The owners and designers Nando Korobase and Gina Beaumont in co-operation with the SL-fashion -gem Leandra Breen, also owner of Passion Agency that works closely with Angel Dessous, managed to continiously develop their fashion brand in so many ways.

They surprise with out-of-the box thinking when it comes to technical solutions that makes the everyday life of a Second Life resident and model a lot easier. Nando and Gina were among the designers that very early adapted to the options and possibilites that the viewer 2 layer options offered. That is one example of how I experienced these people during my years in SL. Always open to changes and development, always in close connection with the customers and the model community of SL. This way they make us feel we are not just customers and clients, they make us feel like we belong to the fashion brand aswell, that we actively take part in the progress of the trademark. Good thinking indeed and as I think one of the explanations of why AD kept on taking ground each year in the fashion world of SL. Now let´s have a look at a few of the newer products that they offer us! (Please click the picture for bigger resolution!)

First I will show you an example of the later years of developing the fashion brand Angel Dessous from the niche “lingerie” into the couture line also. AD today offers a wide line of exclusive gowns and lately also a special line including wedding gowns and accessoires. This is one example, the “Jovan” wedding gown. A lovely creation with a beautiful featherveil as a lovely detail in this overall very delightful experience. The hair I wear in this photo is from BooN, the “OPT 129”. The beautiful photo is taken by the very talented photographer Talyia Tarber.

Onto next! Here is another example of the couture line. In these two pictures I wear the elegant gown “Charme” in ice-blue! Take note of the wonderful feather collar/ boa! The jewelry set worn here is from Virtual Impressions, the “Harmony” – set. Photo by the showphotoing icon Tillie Ariantho! The pictures taken during the “Bats & Butterflies Show” on the 7th of May, arranged by Passion Agency!

In this next picture set I´m going (quite) wild and the outfit here is a hot lingerie set from Angel Dessous named “Catherine”, available in a wide variety of colours as always with this brand. With the design of Angel Dessous you also get a lot of “extra” for your money as accessoires of different kinds. And it´s not crap put in folders just like that, it´s great quality items so the impression I always had buying stuff in the AD stores is that I leave as a happy customer that got good value for my lindens spent. Additions that can be worth mentioning here is the hair, from CheerNo, the “Moran”, the jewelry from Mandala, the “Lotus” ring and bracelet – set. The hot body tattoe is the ” White Widow” tattoe set “Butterfly” by Julie Hastings!  The shoes from Stiletto Moody, the “Bare Ava” in black and silver. Oh, and the cool wings! Those are ten “Woodland Fairy Wings”, tintable in all colours.  Photo again by Tillie Ariantho and the picture from the mentioned Bats & Butterflies show by Passion Agency. Note the background choreography!

Finally I can´t avoid showing you an example of the mentioned early adaption to technical developments in our virtual world, made by the designers behind this fashion brand. By a combination underpants layer and stocking layer Nando and Gina early managed to create a stocking that reaches further up on the thigh. Here in the lingerie set “”Eloise! This resulting in a smoking hot design that I dare myself to expose here:) It´s impossible to not feel sexy in those stocking, if you don´t your dead:)

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