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Wicca´s Wardrobe – A nice meeting in the present and an echo from the past!

Hi again!:)

A few days ago I talked to Wicca Merlin. Wicca and me shared some mutual experiences during the years in both model academies and agencies where we took classes and worked. During our conversation Wicca described ourselves as “old-school”-models these days:)

Some might think that is a negative expression but when we talked it was not in that context at all. We both were around in the years when the SL modelling really took dramatic steps forward and the impact was dramatic in many ways. Some people couldn´t handle it that well but Wicca was not anyway near ending up a diva, far from it. She always managed to keep a balance between great progress and keeping her wonderful self.

That, ladies and gentlemen, brings respect! It is with great pleasure I present Wicca for the first time on my blog and I will look into her work as a designer  this time.

Wicca created her own design line pretty long ago now, her business is named “Wicca’s Wardrobe” and there are many models that tried their own way in designing with various results. Now and then you think to yourself why they started designing and not focused on what they originally were good at, the modelling. Looking at what Wicca accomplished so far that is however not the case here. Let us look into one outfit today that I think is a very good example of Wicca´s work in general. The outfit here is two separate parts of clothing, it´s the “Charlotte” – jacket, here in sandstone colours and the “Nora” – pants, also in sandstone. 

The material is 100 % mesh and Wicca managed to deal with this rather complicated design with many difficult details in a very nice way I have to say. The fabric is also a very nice, balanced presentation and it comes out beautifully indeed in this sandstone colour. The jacket and pants work perfectly together and brings me a feeling of a mixture of the Middle-East, the Old Wild West and even (maybe it´s my weird mind:)), also a soft sense of the old Victorian England or perhaps French Can-Can when I see some parts of the jacket.

When I chose styling for this I decided to add some jewelry from Earthstones, the “Aculo” – set with earrings and necklace and a nice and a bit wild updo from BooN. The poses come from Diesel. As always these days I appear in my beloved “Lara” mesh body from Maitreya.

I look forward to see more of Wicca and her design and my advice to you is of course to go check her production line out yourself and see what suits your own taste. I don´t think you will get disappointed!

maddie 24 maj modell_001

maddie 24 maj modell_002

maddie 24 maj modell_004

maddie 24 maj modell_003

OMG!!! – IT´S ALIVE!!!

Hi again!:) Long time, no see! I´m back again after a pause that I needed because of a promotion in RL that made me realise I couldn´t go on with the modelling/ blogging/ business as I used to. As we use to say, “RL comes first”! Anyway, here I am once more and I have decided to try to slowly start up some blogging again.

A lot has happened in SL during the time I´ve been pausing from my modelling. For example we had an amazing progress with mesh bodies and fitmesh clothing and it will just be more of this with time. I have been using/ trying most of these, from the start with mesh bums and eventually the whole bodies.

Maybe I give my views on this matter soon in another blog post BUT now on to the topic of today! By the way, as always in my blog the pictures will try to reflect the in world-appearance of the outfits as much as possible so no post-processing has been made (CLICK THE PICS FOR FULL SIZE VERSIONS!):

The brand PRISM with it´s really sweet owner, Journey McLaglen and her co-designer of today, Jezzixa Casalet, been having a special place in my past. I have had outfits named after me in the PRISM design line and that made me proud of course but most of all it´s the warm and very personal atmosphere and attitude that strikes you when you work with these people. It´s why it´s natural for me focusing on PRISM of today when I create this “come-back”- post. It´s my way of showing gratitude for the years we worked together but also for the warm welcoming I had when I returned. 

First of all I let you look into a solution where PRISM, in many outfits today, offers you wide options in transforming an outfit to a couple of new ones with a separate colour hud. PRISM to me is COLOURS, but never too extreme, no, it´s always balanced and tasteful, yet very lively expressions of the designers fantasy and will to develop. In this first example it´s the “Kelsey” where you have a top and a skirt with four colour/ texture options each.

I chosen two versions with the base colour pink here. The hair here is from Truth and the jewellery from Earthstones. The shoes are a lovely pair of the work of Candy Doll, named “Tiffany”. These shoes come with a bunch of options possible to use with most mesh bodies of today and of course the SLINK system. All poses today are from DIESEL!

kelsey standing

kelsey close

Next one out is another outfit with the colour hud option. This one is called “Milan” and you will have a crochet tee and shorts with four colour combinations each if you get yourself this set. In this outfit Journey mixes a very modern style (the shorts colours) with a more traditional colour setting in the tee. This works really well actually and the outfit will provide lots of variety for a reasonable price which is also a trademark for PRISM in general. The hair comes from Magika!


Finally we got the “Lua Sun Day” in blue, a cosy, warm creation for a day in the spring season when you go out maybe wandering in a harbour and watching the boats being prepared for the sea. Again the hair used here comes from Magika! 


The scenes for these pictures has been the “Max Vintage French Cafe” and “London Harbour! Thanks for visiting me and my blog again! I´m back and with me also a will to show that wellness and health are important values in both SL and RL. Fight anorexia and the unhealthy trends in modelling in SL as in RL!! Curvy is OK!!!

[Cliche] – not at all a cliche…

Happy New Year to you all out there! As many of you know one of the people who came closest to me in Second Life during the years is Bety Dudek. We worked together in the LOOK Elite Models Agency during the years and she is probably the best stylist I know in Second Life. I can´t remember seeing her a single time when she didn´t put an outstanding effort into her look. No matter when, she is always making my jaw drop. For a while Bety now been working with the shoe brand [Cliche] by the very talented Atila Blackmountain as their general manager besides being the Production Director of LOOK Elite and also the agencies Academy Director.

Bety brought her knowledge about fashion and trends to [Cliche] and mixed with Atila Blackmountain and his great skills they have made a very promising team for the future. I only say, watch out! And for those who followed my blogging and also seen the new designers that the agency LOOK Elite scouted during the years, you know that you should take this information seriously…today I´m giving you one example of a new release from [Cliche]. It is the “Pilar” boots and with these you get boots that you can wear for both casual and elegance. The other items worn in the post of today is an outfit from Gawk!, the hair from Sadistic Hacker and the jewelry from !Stars. The poses are from Diesel.

cliche pilar

cliche 2

cliche 4 a

cliche 4

coldLogic in Christmas Colours!

The Christmas is closing in rapidly and I´m still alive in spite of some people telling us that today is the last day on earth…:) It takes more to stop me from blogging I tell you:) Today I will let those of you who still didn´t hear of the amazing design brand coldLogic get to know it a little better. I stumbled over this brand a few months ago and it has specialised in mesh-clothing entirely. Maybe that is why the mesh design quality and the fitting of the coldLogic products is top of the line?

Cause if you ask me there are few brands in SL that can keep up with coldLogic when we speak these values. I take you for a (sleigh-) ride around some of items in the coldLogic design line and I have chosen, as I´m getting into a Christmas mood these days, a selection in the colours of Christmas. The pictures today are taken in the “Christmas Sim” owned by Tupac Redstar. A sim dedicated to Christmas all-together and you can find everything from mesh-Santas to sexy Elf-costumes there.

The jewelry theme today is from !Stars jewelry production by Stargem Winkler and all the poses from “Diesel”!  A special word about the shoes: My dear friend and colleague Bety Dudek is the general manager of the recent and raising star on the SL – shoe – sky; [Cliche] by Atila Blackmountain. When I got the “Siesta” ones a while back I immediately fell in love with them and I´m using them all the time now. The detail is amazing and they are reasonably priced. A must – have for every girl with a desire to look good in SL!

You can have a look at them in the blog post of today and I strongly recommend a visit to the [Cliche] – store at Marketplace and have a look for yourself! Now let us have a look at what coldLogic has to offer! 

The first outfit is a combination of two items, the top is named “Segel” and is a really nice, cosy creation that blends in just fine with the capri´s I chose to wear it with, the “Duke” – capris. Something that can be worn in both casual and more elegant Christmas – party’s to come! The hair worn here is the “Claude” from Sadistic Hacker.

Duke  Segel (2) jpg

Duke  Segel (1) jpg

Duke  Segel (3) jpg

The next outfit is an elegant and stylish dress that would be the perfect choice if you want to impress that special someone now during Christmas. It is named “London” and here presented in the scarlet version. The soft flow of the fabric is astonishing and again, it fits like a glove when you get it on. coldLogic offers a wide variety of sizes which contributes to the cause of letting the customer have the choice in how to look out there. The hair is from BooN and the stockings worn from the hands of my old friends Nando Korobase and Gina Beaumont at Angel Dessous.

London Scarlet (1) jpg

London Scarlet (2) jpg

London Scarlet (3) jpg

As a finale we will look at another beautiful dress named “Wood”. This lovely dress got a separate mesh belt which adds up to a perfect combination signalling style, elegance but the nice and body close fitting also makes it sexy in a tasteful way. Again I chose to wear hair from BooN!

Wood Cherry (2) jpg

Wood Cherry (3) jpg

Wood Cherry (1) jpg

And with this I end the blog post which will be my last for the year 2012. I thank you all for showing me appreciation and support and I look forward to the new year and what it can bring when it comes to new innovations in Second Life fashion and in Second Life overall. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ingenue! – Fashion With A Past!

Hello again all of you fashion lovers out there! It´s time for another look into what SL has to offer when it comes to design and I wish to thank those of you who keep sending me suggestions about designers that could be interesting to give a closer look, I appreciate it very much and it makes it so much more fun to blog. Sadly my time is limited because of a RL promotion I had a while ago. I had more money because of it but also a lot more work:) I will do what I can to keep up with the hints and requests I get.

Today we are going to have a look at the design line of Ingenue and the designer Betty Doyle. This brand been active since 2007 and it uses the business motto “Fashion With A Past”. The design got a personal style and even it keeps up with time it has a nice touch and lots of influences from the 30´s, 40´s, 50´s and 60´s. The designer works with hand drawn textures and original mesh and also produces shoes and jewelry. Let us look into three different outfits from Ingenue:

The first one is put together with a top and pants. The top is the “Zoe” in cherry and I added the Ingenue necklace, “Jubilee” as a nice addition. The pants are the “Seberg” ones and I chose to wear a version in camel. All together this sums up into a sexy but stylish composition that could be worn in a lot of different occasions. The hair worn here is from a favourite hair design brand of mine, Sadistic Hacker. All poses in today’s blog post are from EverGlow.

We move on to the next outfit. This is a dress named “Falling Autumn” and this is something I really love wearing. A noble and elegant creation but as it´s so body close it becomes really steamy to:) The shoes makes a nice example of the shoe design of Ingenue, they are named “Gatsby”. Again hair from Sadistic Hacker and the jewelry worn here comes from the jewelry design line Stars! by Stargem Winkler!

We finish up this visit to Ingenue with a beautiful and really sweet dress in mesh. It speaks for itself I think and it´s called “Greta”. This version is the “Pink Dot”. This time we can see hair from “Amacci” and again jewelry from Stars!. All the pictures today have been taken in the Morocco sim, well worth a visit with lots of different things to see.

Thank You for your visit to my blog and very welcome back!

JeRsEy ShOrE – Glitter Goes Designing!

Many years ago I met a really sweet girl in connection with the JCNY Model Fest Contest finals. It was Glitter Bolissima who many of you know as a model that been around a long time in Second Life and gathered  a lot of experience through the years. A while ago she sent me an IM and told me she had started out on the line of designing and asked me if I wanted to check out a few of her creations. I was not surprised that Glitter had been taking on this challenge and new step in her career and I was really curious of what I would be experiencing testing out her products.

The design line of JeRsEy ShOrE is what can be described as a club design line. It is daring, provocative and spicy. If you are the more sensitive and shy type there are of course outfits you can find in Glitters production line but it is, as I think, a line of design aiming for the more outgoing, for the women who are not afraid of showing off a bit more of their assets than usual:)

The price setting is very reasonable and I definitely think that Glitter, despite that she recently started out more seriously with her designing, by her experience and networking with people in SL for this many years, know what many out there in the party and club environment request. Let´s have a look at three of her outfits… today all jewelry comes from the hands of StarGem Winkler, the owner and creator of the jewelry brand Stars!. The poses come from GM Nikolaidis who is the man behind the animation and pose line “Fluke”!

We start off with a top named “Knotty Lips Tee” in pink and the “MVP Shiny Capri” in black! The items become a sexy and juicy combination where especially the design of the pants with the shiny fabric becomes an eye-catcher. Hairbase from Mad, the “Tribe” and hair from Ari, the “Anari”. The sneakers comes from Detour. All the pictures made by me and they were taken around in the urban themed area named “Neko Zone”.

We move on to another steamy thing. This one is named DTF and as you can see this is something smoking HOT! It has all it takes for creating various traffic incidents if it´s worn outside in the street and will guarantee you those IMs telling you how hot you look when you wander around in SL:) Maybe not always from the people you appreciate it from however, we know that routine lol…this time the hair is from Mad, the “Luz” and the hairbase from Ari, the “Cryptic”. 

Finally, we look at a cute top named “Buttons Sweater” in purple. I added the “Corona Supa Faded” jeans for the sweater and I think this is a nice combo all together. Warm, huggable approach, still it´s quite sexy and again a nice example of the design that Glitter created. Hair from Truth, the “Janice”.

That was all folks and it is time to close the post and I hope that you had a nice time visiting me!!! Welcome back soon!!!


PRISM – The Journey….continues!

Hello again! The year of 2012 goes on and the development of fashion in Second Life is fast at the moment. The Mesh – revolution continues and more and more of the designers are releasing these kind of designs. As you probably understood by now, my focus in blogging during the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, has been the PRISM trademark and it´s production line. After being contacted by Herradura Baar, the General Manager of PRISM, in the late 2011, I have been working with these talented and friendly people and grew very fond of their attitude towards fashion and their customers. It´s fun to help them in marketing and I´m proud to have been asked to do so. The owner and designer Journey McLaglen now started out on the road of Mesh and today I want to start with introducing you to two examples of Journeys Mesh designs:

First we have a design named Adele. Here I´m presenting you two versions, the first one named “London” in leather. If you are as conservative as I am when it comes to new inventions in SL (!:)), I think you might not own one single Mesh outfit yet. Well, how about this..get your nice butt down to PRISM and give this “London” outfit a chance will you?:) In no-time you will have it on and you have a couple of options to find your own size that you can feel comfortable with and “recognize” yourself as you created your own avatar. This is not always the case with Mesh as we know…of course the system of shaping in Mesh can´t provide the full liberty of shape adjustments yet but I´m convinced that we will get there in the near future. For time being PRISM reached as far as you can go and the quality and look of the Mesh design here is really high standard. The overall impression is top and you just need to see this for yourself!

In this blog post I also give you examples of a jewelry line created by a designer who is present at the PRISM main store, the designer Stargem Winkler. In this “London version”, you can see a pearl necklace with matching earrings from her most recent collection. The shoes are from SKIFIJA, the “Countess” pumps. These pumps are seen here and there in Second Life and I stumbled over them at a fashion show where a girl in the audience wore them. I liked them a lot and at the visit to the store there I came across the designer and store owner, goran Osterham. He is a very ambitious shoe designer and we will see where this man will go. A visit to his store is interesting and these pumps offers you a broad variety of color choices, shoes possible to wear with anything! The hair is from Dura, the “number 22″! For me, a lover of short hair, this place is a Mecca! The photos were taken in “London” in SL, couldn’t find a better spot for this outfit:) All poses today come from “Luth”!


We move on to the next Adele version, this one is named “River Oaks Brocade” and wearing this I had a feeling of being in the year 2012 but with a strong influence of the “roaring twenties”…might be my weird brain again..:) Anyway, putting this on made me feel good directly and I went off to virtual “New York” and strolled around and found a place where that feeling came back again. A bit retro twenties feeling, standing next to an old cab from that time seemed natural:) The jewelry from Stars! this time is a selection named “Gold Lace”.

Let´s leave the Mesh section for this time and check out some traditionally created designs from PRISM. These are again new releases and we will look into something named “Aurora”. I will show you two examples of versions, first the one named “Tulip”.  As always Journey works with colors that lifts the impression of the design even more and it´s hard to explain exactly what makes you like her design as much as you do. It´s there, it´s something we feel but at least for me, it´s difficult to put words to the experience. More than maybe, “it´s that Journey-feeling”:)…..the jewelry is the Stars! “Sandy”! The hair is from Dura, the “Girl 03″!

The final outfit today is a second example of the “Aurora”. This version is named “Watercolor” and it´s a color explosion (!), signaling the incoming spring with warm weather, visits to the sea, boating etc. With this design Journey takes us on a trip through the 60ts, 70ts and back again, blending the past times with the current and the future. Another example of the timeless fashion that you can see a lot of in the PRISM design line. I added the Stars! pearl set for this and the hair is a Dura one again, “Girl 22″.

With these pictures, taken by myself so I can´t blame anyone else:)…I close my post for today. I said it before and I say it again. If you still didn ´t visit PRISM. Do it. It´s there waiting for you. Go there and see for yourself, make up your own mind, I don´t think you will get disappointed! Hugs from Maddie!


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