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Bébé goes vintage!!

Hello again!:) It´s been a while but I´m still out there, alive and kicking, following the progress of SL fashion! I have developed  a special interest in SL lingerie and legwear with time and accordingly came in contact with som very talented designers, among them, Bébé, who is also a dear friend of mine!

She made some really good stuff the last couple of years and you can see her stuff worn everywhere in SL these days (I´m not telling you to run around and peak under skirts now boys and girls!:)) Let´s see what she been keeping herself busy with lately!

Bébé been talking about producing a line of vintage some time now and since a couple of weeks it´s finally available for purchase! It´s sets of stockings where you can choose between using full and low garters labeled with the fashionable title “Euro Glamour”. The stockings are available with Belleza, SLINK, Maitreya and Omega appliers. As usual with Bébé you also get the intelligent HUD-options where you can adjust glossiness and shinyness. The colour options are noir, noir/red, nude/black and sombre. 

Let´s have a look at these shall we! To begin with we can see the sombre one/ full garter version and today I am adding some hair from Elua, the “Kira”, underwear from Mon Cherie, the “Seduce Me”-set and I wear  the shoes named “Cloe” from KC! 



…continuing with red/ noir ones, here using the low garter version…



…going on to the nude/black/contrast ones…



and finishing with the noir version…



Happy shopping and see you again in a while!:)


BEBE strikes again!!!

Hi again!:) Time for a new post and this time I will refresh your memory about a very talented designer working with stockings and pantyhose! I did a post about her production line last year and who I am talking about, well, it´s Bebe of course! She keeps a line that originally was aimed towards Slink feet but today we can see that she also works with the Omega Applier and Maitreya Applier concept! I say it again, I don´t think I ever saw such detailed works in hosiery before and Bebe recently released three sets consisting of one line of stockings, one with pantyhose and also a “Risque”-version of stockings. As it´s described on Marketplace:

“Bebe Risque stay-up stockings 3-pack includes Black, Tan and Nude colors. The Stockings have a shimmer effect when zooming in and out, and they are materials enabled with two different types of glossiness! The stockings reach high up on the thighs, and have slim glossy tops, so that they go easily under short skirts and dresses”.

We will have a look at the stuff now, I’m wearing the Belleza mesh body, “Freya”, here and the shoes are from KC and it´s the “Anteas”. With the KC-shoes you use a HUD for customizing your shoes and the options are almost endless. The dress is the “Rylai” from Blueberry, the hair is from Boon, the jewellery from Earthstones and the poses from Diesel! The photo’s taken at the town “Venice”, a replica of the Italian town and yeah, you can go by the gondola there to:) Now let´s check the Bebe candy:)!

On the picture below you can see the “TGE” (The Girlfriend Experience) – version in nude! The stocking top is a wide, very detailed and elegant one and giving you a nice and “top-notch dressed-up”-feeling!

Bebe table

In this picture I wear the TGE-pantyhose in black!

Bebe bridge

And in this, the “TGE”-ones in a stockings-version in black!

Bebe boats

It´s difficult giving a good and fair reflection of the materials in the design of Bebe in pictures like this, as I often said, I´m no photographer:) You could check into her site on Marketplace, which so far is the only place to buy Bebe´s stuff, and get a closer look at the variety of hosiery and also read more about the technical solutions of how Bebe worked for bringing the unique shine and glossiness to her stuff! I tried giving you two close-ups here though where you can have a gentle taste of the design and my legs…lol…..

Bebe Close up 2

Bebe close up

And that was all for today folks! I wish you a great SL until we meet again! Ciaooo!!


For me, who discovered the mesh bodies in a very early stage in SL, there has been a journey for a couple of years now, going through most of them. There has been a constant development with the bodies and of course also with the fashion and design that has been following. Today I was visiting one of the comets in the business of clothing for mesh bodies, Addams, and I was fortunate to meet AmaliaRainwood herself who together with Malevola Addams are the names behind this successful venture. This is how they describe their idea of business:

Addams is a brand created from the union of 2 3D designers, dedicated to multitask and studying the latest technologies in Second Life . Together they decided to pool their knowledge and created clothing and footwear line with the latest in the market.

If you are into the mesh body world I doubt that you didn´t yet come across the amazing design of Addams. One example that landed in the main store today is the Ronson shirt, as always with a wide line of various designs and a fat pack with a HUD that gives u lots of options for customizing the look of the clothing to your likings. What more can I say more than wonder why you are still here reading…get in world and get going to Addams!:)


PRISM! – Uli´s Splendid Spring

I had the privilege of being chosen for the store ad´s at PRISM and the new set “Uli´s Splendid Spring”! Another outfit with a smart fabric/ colour HUD where you get four versions in one!! Go check it out in the store at Bal Harbour!



Hi again!:) Time for a new blog post guys, here we go! Juicy pics in June:) A while ago I met a friend of mine at a party in SL and noticed she, as usual, was wearing an elegant classy dress but I also reacted on a pair of stockings she had on. I had to ask where they came from and I checked the designer up in Marketplace. I bought a pair myself and CABOOM…I was hooked:) There are a few really good lingerie and hosiery designers in SL and I have a pretty good experience by now but this, this stood out. I can´t really put my finger on it but it´s something with the “shine” in the fabric that is unique. Now who is this wonder designer? I contacted her a few days after and the brand I´m talking about is BEBE, so far available only at Marketplace but who knows what the future will bring:)

So guys, today it will be a study in stockings and pantyhose, coloured by some nice fashion from Maitreya! Here we go! First out is a set of pantyhose in black, they are available in different tones, “den´s”, and they make a magnificent addition to your look for the day. Here I wear Maitreya´s “Vixen Dress” in cerise and the shoes are from KC, the “Huelva´s”. The hair is the “Fynn” from Truth. It has a nice option with a hair band, possible to change into a wide variety of colours and textures. The poses today come from Diesel. As usual there has been no post editing on the pics taken at Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe. This is how the stuff looks guys!:)…oh, and me:)))


cerise close up

On to the next. This time another Maitreya dress, the “Dakota” in “opium delicate” and wearing another pair of KC shoes, the “Destiny” ones. The hair is still the Truth, “Fynn”, showing another variation of the hair band colour/ texture. The stockings, this time stay up/ thigh high ones,  are the “Supraliminal” in black. This is actually my favourite ones and the pair I saw my friends wear and that put me on the track, finally finding the “BEBE” production line!
dakota full

dakota close

To finish up this post I will probably show as much as I ever have in this line of work but sometimes you got to sacrifice yourself for the good cause right?:) The BEBE lingerie set here is the “Signature” one in black and the fabrics and details are superb.The shoes, again from KC, are the “Alana” ones. I forgot to mention but for us mesh body users (Maitreya for me) BEBE now adding more and more OMEGA appliers to the production line…phew:) KC shoes are also a great line of shoes for us with reasonable prices and a HUD system for styling up the shoes in colours etc. signature full
signature close
I did hesitate putting this last picture in but I take the risk…:) See you soon in SL or here! Be safe and remember…CURVY IS OKAY!!! Hugzzz from Me!!!
signature close u

Wicca´s Wardrobe – A nice meeting in the present and an echo from the past!

Hi again!:)

A few days ago I talked to Wicca Merlin. Wicca and me shared some mutual experiences during the years in both model academies and agencies where we took classes and worked. During our conversation Wicca described ourselves as “old-school”-models these days:)

Some might think that is a negative expression but when we talked it was not in that context at all. We both were around in the years when the SL modelling really took dramatic steps forward and the impact was dramatic in many ways. Some people couldn´t handle it that well but Wicca was not anyway near ending up a diva, far from it. She always managed to keep a balance between great progress and keeping her wonderful self.

That, ladies and gentlemen, brings respect! It is with great pleasure I present Wicca for the first time on my blog and I will look into her work as a designer  this time.

Wicca created her own design line pretty long ago now, her business is named “Wicca’s Wardrobe” and there are many models that tried their own way in designing with various results. Now and then you think to yourself why they started designing and not focused on what they originally were good at, the modelling. Looking at what Wicca accomplished so far that is however not the case here. Let us look into one outfit today that I think is a very good example of Wicca´s work in general. The outfit here is two separate parts of clothing, it´s the “Charlotte” – jacket, here in sandstone colours and the “Nora” – pants, also in sandstone. 

The material is 100 % mesh and Wicca managed to deal with this rather complicated design with many difficult details in a very nice way I have to say. The fabric is also a very nice, balanced presentation and it comes out beautifully indeed in this sandstone colour. The jacket and pants work perfectly together and brings me a feeling of a mixture of the Middle-East, the Old Wild West and even (maybe it´s my weird mind:)), also a soft sense of the old Victorian England or perhaps French Can-Can when I see some parts of the jacket.

When I chose styling for this I decided to add some jewelry from Earthstones, the “Aculo” – set with earrings and necklace and a nice and a bit wild updo from BooN. The poses come from Diesel. As always these days I appear in my beloved “Lara” mesh body from Maitreya.

I look forward to see more of Wicca and her design and my advice to you is of course to go check her production line out yourself and see what suits your own taste. I don´t think you will get disappointed!

maddie 24 maj modell_001

maddie 24 maj modell_002

maddie 24 maj modell_004

maddie 24 maj modell_003

OMG!!! – IT´S ALIVE!!!

Hi again!:) Long time, no see! I´m back again after a pause that I needed because of a promotion in RL that made me realise I couldn´t go on with the modelling/ blogging/ business as I used to. As we use to say, “RL comes first”! Anyway, here I am once more and I have decided to try to slowly start up some blogging again.

A lot has happened in SL during the time I´ve been pausing from my modelling. For example we had an amazing progress with mesh bodies and fitmesh clothing and it will just be more of this with time. I have been using/ trying most of these, from the start with mesh bums and eventually the whole bodies.

Maybe I give my views on this matter soon in another blog post BUT now on to the topic of today! By the way, as always in my blog the pictures will try to reflect the in world-appearance of the outfits as much as possible so no post-processing has been made (CLICK THE PICS FOR FULL SIZE VERSIONS!):

The brand PRISM with it´s really sweet owner, Journey McLaglen and her co-designer of today, Jezzixa Casalet, been having a special place in my past. I have had outfits named after me in the PRISM design line and that made me proud of course but most of all it´s the warm and very personal atmosphere and attitude that strikes you when you work with these people. It´s why it´s natural for me focusing on PRISM of today when I create this “come-back”- post. It´s my way of showing gratitude for the years we worked together but also for the warm welcoming I had when I returned. 

First of all I let you look into a solution where PRISM, in many outfits today, offers you wide options in transforming an outfit to a couple of new ones with a separate colour hud. PRISM to me is COLOURS, but never too extreme, no, it´s always balanced and tasteful, yet very lively expressions of the designers fantasy and will to develop. In this first example it´s the “Kelsey” where you have a top and a skirt with four colour/ texture options each.

I chosen two versions with the base colour pink here. The hair here is from Truth and the jewellery from Earthstones. The shoes are a lovely pair of the work of Candy Doll, named “Tiffany”. These shoes come with a bunch of options possible to use with most mesh bodies of today and of course the SLINK system. All poses today are from DIESEL!

kelsey standing

kelsey close

Next one out is another outfit with the colour hud option. This one is called “Milan” and you will have a crochet tee and shorts with four colour combinations each if you get yourself this set. In this outfit Journey mixes a very modern style (the shorts colours) with a more traditional colour setting in the tee. This works really well actually and the outfit will provide lots of variety for a reasonable price which is also a trademark for PRISM in general. The hair comes from Magika!


Finally we got the “Lua Sun Day” in blue, a cosy, warm creation for a day in the spring season when you go out maybe wandering in a harbour and watching the boats being prepared for the sea. Again the hair used here comes from Magika! 


The scenes for these pictures has been the “Max Vintage French Cafe” and “London Harbour! Thanks for visiting me and my blog again! I´m back and with me also a will to show that wellness and health are important values in both SL and RL. Fight anorexia and the unhealthy trends in modelling in SL as in RL!! Curvy is OK!!!